Porky Hefer – Heart of Lightness

This exhibit is located at R & Company, 82 Franklin Street in New York City. This is Porky Hefer’s first solo exhibit and he truly challenges you to go back to a child-like existence, sans cell phones and all distractions in our world. For me, someone who already is a child at heart, it was just plain fun.

When you get to the exhibit, it is a ring for entrance door so ring the doorbell and wait for someone to let you in. The reason behind this is that a couple of things needs to be explained. Since each piece is handmade in South Africa, they are delicate, so shoes need to be taken off. Also, there are a couple of signs to look out for, both the do not climb and do not sit sign. When you see those signs, try to abide by it. To be honest, for the photo above, we didn’t see the do not climb sign so we climbed, oops.

Next you come to an almost nest on a tree branch. The inside of the nest is pretty warm, making you feel as though you are in a womb like cozy environment. This one was my favorite, but the height deficient beware! It is tough jumping into this thing without it smacking your forehead.

All of these pieces are hanging off of the ceiling making you feel weightless. This one above, had multiple entrances and exits.

We chose to climb in from the sides and slide exit through the front. It’s truly the perfect place for a kid to spend hours. There were a couple of more pieces to look at, one was a cow themed conch shell and another hanging chair that you weren’t allowed to sit on. This exhibition runs until February 23rd, 2017. For more information, visit the R & Company website.

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