Make a Cool Mess Ice Cream

Cool Mess as described on their website is NYC’s newest ice cream parlor where you make your own ice cream, and that is truly what is it. Cool Mess is located upstairs of Burger Heaven, you can even order a burger from Burger Heaven in Cool Mess if you wanted. The entrance is one of the best aspects for a Insta-obsessed person like me.

You walk upstairs to a sign that says, “Cool Mess Ice Cream You Make” and then the next staircase is the “Cool is the New Hot” neon sign. You can even climb on the small staircase next to the sign. After you walk through the doors, you walk in next to bins of candy and are immediately seated as soon as you get in and I have to say, the service was great and very polite. You’ll get to know that I consider service 50% of my experience so even if the food is to die for, if the service was horrible, it kills my perspective on the place.

Anyways our waitress had us choose between chocolate or vanilla ice cream and three toppings that was included in the $30 to create your own ice cream. The create your own ice cream served up to three ice cream lovers but four to five “I just want a scoop” people. They add the cream mixture into the ice cream machine and have you add the toppings. We got mini Reeses cups, cookie dough and brownie pieces. We had to break up the cookie dough into small pieces but the other two, we just dumped in. We waited about 5-8 minutes for the ice cream to harden.

If you like hard ice cream, this is not the place for you. If you like soft serve ice cream like the ones that come out of a machine, then you’ll love this ice cream. We let the machine run for 2 minutes extra to get it to solidify more. Sugar cones come free with the ice cream but we ordered two speciality cones, one red velvet waffle cone and one birthday cake waffle cone.

The ice cream was too sweet for me and you guys know that I love ice cream and the portion was too much for the two of us but the experience was great. There was a lot of kids around. It seemed like a popular birthday party place. I got to talk to the owner as well and he was unbelievably nice. He really just loved creating an atmosphere for children to have fun with their parents and friends.

And for the Insta-obsessed, don’t forget the sign going down the stairs as well. If you are planning on, check out their website first for store hours because they do close for private parties.



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