Hall of Magic – Doors Close 1/29/2017 @ 10PM

“It’s leviOsa not leviosA” is the best way to describe the Hall of Magic, an interactive magic experience set to promote SyFy’s The Magicians. Located in the William Vale hotel in Brooklyn, we grabbed some rainbow bagels from The Bagel Shop and we were on my way. I pre-booked my tickets online for 3:20 pm and surprisingly enough, we were on time! Unfortunately, we were in for a rude awakening because the event was extremely backed up so we stood on-line, in the cold, for about an hour and a half. At 4:45 pm, we were finally in the building. I do have to say, the William Vale hotel has an amazing view of the NYC skyline.

We checked in, signed our waivers, and stood on another line to get into the experience. Sign your waiver online at http://www.hallofmagicnyc.com/waiver to skip the waiver line. They really do allow you to immerse yourself in the experience without feeling rushed so I understand the wait times but definitely bring a thick jacket, gloves and a hat. They have a coat check so you don’t have to worry about lugging your coat around when you get inside. The last day of the pop up exhibit is today, January 29th at 10pm. If you weren’t able to grab a ticket, they do allow for walk-ins but try to go at an off-peak time. Since Saturday was so backed up, they did not allow for walk-ins.

“Magic is Real” is the catch phrase once you get inside. It’s actually the wifi password too! Once you enter the exhibit, you walk through a “portal” like hallway and you reach a door. The actual exhibit is a room of rooms. Each room has a theme and illusion that you can try. Some of the most memorable are listed below:

The Living Room

To be honest, I forget what the actual name of this room is but you can karate chop in the direction of objects and see if you have magic or not. If you do, the object will move or change in a way. In my video, the television channel kept changing.

The Classroom

This room is staged like an actual classroom but in the back of the classroom, you can test your mental skills against another person. The objective is the push the metal ball in the middle of the table away from you using telekinesis.

The Forest

You walk through a darkly dimmed forest where at the end you reach a dining room table. As you sit down, all of the settings, the dishes and utensils start to move. You can pick them up and they are just regular utensils but as soon as you put them down, they’ll start moving on their own again.

The Garden

In this room, you’ll lay on the grass and look up at the stars. You’ll quickly come to realize that the stars are in the shape of you.

Levitation Room

The Instagram famous levitation room. The room is start to look like things are floating and has a flat bed in the middle for you to lay on to look like you are also floating. My advise is to move as forward off the bed as possible to hide it as much as possible. You can obviously see the bed in my photo if you can look closely.

The Lightroom

“Face towards the screen, back towards the light” is the instruction you are given before you enter. In this room, the bright flash will imprint your shadow onto the wall for you to see afterwards. But remember the instructions, always face the screen otherwise you will be temporarily blinded by the flash.

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