Dear Evan Hansen on Broadway

[usr 5] I predict Tony 2017 sweep by Dear Evan Hansen!

I love musicals, it’s just a known fact but I’ve followed Ben Platt’s career since he won me over in Pitch Perfect. I watched him during his stint on Book of Mormon in 2014 and even met him at the stage door! What an embarrassing story too! I was so nervous I literally just bombarded him and basically demanded a photo, no “congrats on an amazing show” or anything just “can I have a photo with you?”

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So when I heard about him starring in Dear Evan Hansen, I had to grab a ticket. Unfortunately I couldn’t convince my friends so party of 1. The show officially opened December 4th, 2016 and tickets were already sold out for practically every show. If at this point you already know you want to buy a ticket, click here now and buy any available date you can attend! And remember to bring a tissue box. Yes and entire tissue box per person. Those little Kleenex pouches won’t be enough!

I arrived at the Music Box Theatre and I sat down at my seat. I was left orchestra Row B Seat 7. This was the first time I had gone to see a musical by myself and I was scared it might be awkward but honestly I didn’t mind it. Particularly because the couple seated next to me were great company.

Dear Evan Hansen is about a boy in high school who has never truly fit. Through a series of unfortunate events and a string of lies, Evan Hansen gets the opportunity to have the life he never had but at what cost. The musical is a rollercoaster of emotions. You’ll smile, you’ll laugh and you’ll cry, at lot.

Ben Platt’s singing and acting makes your truly believe that you are actually there witnessing Evan Hansen’s life. From the awkward stutter that Ben Platt plays off so naturally to the humorous innuendos that tail off a sentence that break up an awkward moment, Dear Evan Hansen has something for everyone. I tried my hardest to try from crying, makeup and all, but by second act, I was a bumbling mess. Sitting too close to the stage was not a good idea because the stage is a bit elevated so you are looking up the entire time. This is a musical I would recommend everyone to see.

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