About Me

🎤 – Is this thing on?

My name is Cindy Yuk. I know you feel inclined to pronounce my last name “YUCK” but it is actually pronounced “YOOK”, at least that what I’ve always been told by my parents. Funny story behind the spelling of my last name. When I came to America, oh right the forgot to tell that part of the story. I was born in Seoul, South Korea and immigrated to New Jersey back in ’96 with my mom and brother. My dad had come the year before and decided that our last name translated was spelled YUK because the immigration officer told my dad that “duke” was spelled D-U-K-E so my dad deduced our last name must be spelled Y-U-K.


June 28, 2001 – My brother, mom and me!

Fast forward 20 years of finding myself, switching majors 20 times and stumbling into acting, I found myself in an operations and digital marketing career path contacting blogs to collaborate wondering, well why can’t I start a blog, my life is pretty interesting?  I also got sick of reading blogs and having all of their articles be subliminal ads.


SMH - Spongebob


I have a 13 year old blind miniature dachshund who I am obsessed with. I’m a wannabe foodie but my true love is for desserts. My dentist hates me for my sweet tooth. The main point of my blog is to bring you joy and entertainment, possible activities to do, and all the feels. I want to be as honest as possible and I hope that you can talk to me as well! Sound off in the comments if you want to chat. I promise I’m not a robot and I answer all comments.